Episode 110 – The Best Bits!

bowl of cherriesAnother helping of best bits from recent episodes: we’re talking about ‘fast books’ and ‘slow books’, writing with a co-author, and how doodling can help you come sideways at a book.

Tune in, sit back, and listen to insights and inspiration from these superb writers:

  • Steve Scott on how he’s written 70 books in around a decade;
  • Robert Cialdini on why it took him more than 30 years to write a second solo-authored book after Influence;
  • Joe Pulizzi on how books fit into the content marketing mix;
  • Jurgen Appelo on the agile approach to writing;
  • Daniel Coyle on writing as a building process;
  • Elaine Gould on the sheer relief of finishing a ‘slow book’;
  • Morra Aarons-Mele on the different tempos of social media, blogging, content marketing and books;
  • Lyn Bromley & Donna Whitbrook on how to write together without falling out;
  • Edgar Papke & Thomas Lockwood on why co-authorship is more than the sum of the parts;
  • Kate Raworth on how an idle doodle evolved into the award-winning book Doughnut Economics.


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