Episode 120 – The Best Bits!

Episode 120 - The Best BitsHighlights from the last few Extraordinary Business Book Club episodes, with a focus on fixing the problem every writer cares about: how to get going and keep going. I guarantee you’ll find at least one idea here that will get you unstuck, and one thing to make you go ‘ew’.

  • Denise Duffield-Thomas on not waiting for permission and not being afraid to reuse your best stuff
  • Paul Skinner on the ‘symbiotic relationship’ between business and book
  • Barbara Gray on embedding writing into your business
  • Campbell Macpherson on the joy of going ‘blah’
  • Jonah Sachs on great questions and flow theory
  • David Burkus‘s end-to-end research and writing system
  • Roger Mavity on weather-dependent writing and perseverance
  • Sarah Kessler on the important of NOT writing
  • Euan Semple on why a book is like a plook, and the power of the timer


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