Episode 140 – The Best Bits

Episode 140 - The Best BitsA few of my favourite moments from the last few Extraordinary Business Book Club episodes, and this time it’s all about grit – which seems to be an inevitable ingredient in the writing of a business book.

  • Ayse Birsel on optimism and finding the best answers in the worst places
  • Elaine Halligan, whose own life demonstrates the power of grit in turning tough situations around, on getting the support you need
  • Michael Brown on finding purpose in personal tragedy
  • Ben Hunt-Davis on translating the grit required to win Olympic Gold into everyday gold
  • Sam Conniff Allende on not taking no for an answer
  • Pippa Malmgren on the necessity of asking difficult questions
  • Derek Lewis on the repeated application of grit in the pursuit of good writing
  • Michelle Sales on how to mitigate the grit with what you’re great at, and
  • Pete Williams on why the discipline of writing brings such great business benefits.


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Photo credit: George Aitchison (www.bushcraftdays.com), used with permission

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