Episode 180 – The Best Bits

highlightsThe last few episodes of The Extraordinary Business Book club have included some extraordinary conversations about business and books, and one thing that’s become clear is that you need to be fuelled by passion to write a business book that makes a difference. Discover how these award-winning writers tapped into their deepest values and motivations, and how you can too:

  • Chris Duffey on the imperative of providing value
  • Andrea Clarke on how writing can help you tap into your values as well as communicating them 
  • Debbie Wosskow and Anna Jones on the power of introspection for action-takers
  • Harriet Kelsall on bringing your whole self to your business and your book 
  • Charlie Corbett on finding your voice and being yourself
  • Colette Heneghan on humility and writing the book that doesn’t yet exist 
  • Tom Cheesewright on shifting your perspective from behind your own eyes
  • Chris Griffiths on turning passion into process
  • Jonathan MacDonald on turning passion into process.


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