Episode 190 – The Best Bits

Writing a business book is a delicate balancing act between being fully yourself and being fully in service of your reader. How do you “do you” to the max, without tipping over into self-indulgence or over-sharing? 

In the last few episodes of The Extraordinary Business Book Club we’ve explored this question from a number of angles. In this Best Bits episode, discover:

  • Karen Skidmore on how writing a book deepens and shifts your own thinking
  • Andrew Hill on curiosity, clarity and curation
  • Nancy Youssef on the vulnerability involved in telling your own story 
  • Chris Hirst on the discipline of what to include and what to leave out  
  • Norm Laviolette on writing in your own way and owning your material
  • Marianne Cantwell on recognising that what worked for you won’t work for everyone
  • Kelly Glover on pitching your message to fit the audience. 


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