Episode 240 – The Best Bits: The Writing Lab

lab bottlesIn some ways every week on the Extraordinary Business Book Club we’re talking about the results of a book-writing experiment – and many books are themselves the results of fascinating experiments in business and life. In this Best Bits episode we don our white coats and safety glasses and head fearlessly into the laboratory to watch the magic happen in the company of some of our most recent researchers…

  • Anne Janzer on how her marketing career proved the lab in which she refined her writing experiments
  • Zoë Routh on starting early and the endocrinology of writing in flow
  • Rob Hatch on the research findings of a long-term newsletter experiment
  • Elvin Turner on introducing user experience research into writing for explosive results
  • Cath Bishop on narrative fusion – bringing together different strands of experience in the white-hot heat of the writing lab
  • Rita Clifton on distilling ideas, the Wall of Content and the application of the seat of the pants to the chair
  • Gayle Mann on the importance of finding your own best way to conduct your writing experiment
  • Shuhrat Ashurov on the alchemy of stories and a lifetime of experimenting with storytelling.


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