Episode 247 – Speaking to the future

‘It is good to speak to the future, the future will listen.’

Those were the words of Ptahhotep, an ancient Egyptian vizier, who lived back in the 25th century BC. He was right – more right than he probably imagined in his wildest dreams: because he wrote those words down (well, OK, drew them as hieroglyphs), he is heard so many thousand years later. 

But writing as speaking to the future isn’t just about writing for posterity. In this episode we explore exploratory writing – the kind of writing you do for future you, rather than a future reader. How can we use writing as a tool and framework to help us think more clearly and more creatively?

This kind of writing – where you are your only reader – is your secret weapon in a world where the future is so uncertain and the pace of change so fast. 

business writing matrix

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