Episode 260 – The Best Bits: Finding courage

courageWriting a business book is a particularly visible form of leadership – how do you find the courage for that? In this week’s look back through my most recent Extraordinary Business Book Club conversations, I uncover the principles, tactics and Jedi mind tricks that enabled these authors to find the courage to make their voices heard.

There’ll be something here that you can use too, to make yourself a little bit braver and a little bit more likely to succeed.

Learn from:

  • Drew Ellis on taking risks in a manageable way
  • Steven Van Belleghem on sharing your story early
  • Susanne Althoff on confidence for women
  • The $7 Millionaire on sneaking past your inner critic
  • Yetunde Hofmann on love-based research
  • Rob Kerr on the power of involving other people
  • James Ashton on podcasting as a test bed
  • Sara McCorquodale on not taking rejection personally
  • Kathryn Bishop on focusing on the reader, not yourself.

If there’s a recipe for courage, this is it.

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