Episode 280 – The Best Bits: The joy of business books

We talk a lot on this show about the grind of writing business books, and indeed of business in general, but there’s a lot of joy to be found in the process too. This Best Bits episode celebrates all those moments, from the creative peace of the early morning start to the excitement of the book launch. Wherever you’re at, there’s a bit of raw joy here to inspire you on your journey. 

With joyful moments from: 

  • Minter Dial on the bliss of early mornings 
  • Dre Baldwin on the pleasure of getting the stuff in your head out into the world
  • Penny Pullan on finding connection and warmth even when there’s noone else in the room
  • Jackie Fast on the joy of unfamiliar conversations with familiar people
  • Leanne Hamley on tapping into the positive power of other people
  • Robert Wigley on rediscovering the joy of reading as part of writing
  • Philip Levinson on the pleasure of being able to thank the people who’ve helped you write the book at the launch party
  • Mark Choueke on the joy of doing it your way.  

Fill your tank and get inspired! 

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