Episode 290 – The Best Bits: Words have power

Words have power“We sometimes forget the value, or the power, or the impact of words because, ‘Hey, we’re speaking the whole time, or we’re writing the whole time… it’s only me, how powerful can it be?’

So we say things that are the wrong things to say, or we miss our opportunities. If you have an opportunity to get a message across and you just treat it casually or you fluff it or you don’t prepare, then that’s a shame.”

This insightful comment from Jeremy Kourdi was the inspiration for this Best Bits episode, in which I look back over the last few conversations in this podcast and pick out the sparkliest moments, stringing them together to create fairy lights for your mind.

You’re welcome.

With powerful words from:

  • Jeremy Kourdi on using your words well
  • Megan Hayes on what happens beyond the page
  • Azeem Azhar on the words that become your North Star
  • Alice Sheldon on naming what’s important
  • Becky Hall on not compromising on the words that matter
  • Jen O’Ryan on the power of sweary words
  • Alison Jones on the words that diminish power, and how to avoid them
  • Bobbie Carlton on how books embody leadership
  • Jodie Rogers on how words hold you accountable for your thinking.

Words matter. Use them, and use them well.

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