Episode 30 – The Best Bits

Cherries on white background - studio shotNew to the Club? Missed a few episodes? Or just want to revisit some of the most mind-tingling insights from recent guests?

This is the place to start. A few selected highlights from episodes 21-29, including:

  • Seth Godin on blogging and what writing means to him
  • Joanna Penn on dealing with the ‘saggy middle’ when you’re writing a book
  • Tony Crabbe on how he finally wrote the book after five years of talking about it
  • Giles Colborne on writing as a dialogue with the reader
  • Barbara Gray on why reading business books is essential for doing better business
  • Tom Chatfield on how reading and writing bring us back to ourselves in our increasingly hectic digital lives
  • Julia Pimsleur on what books make possible.

Life is rarely a bowl of cherries, but here’s 40 minutes that come pretty darn close. Sit back, relax, listen, enjoy. Be inspired.

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You can listen to the full interview of any of the clips featured here by browsing here: http://extraordinarybusinessbooks.com/podcast-episodes/

And here’s the blog I mentioned, during which I committed to blogging (and running) every day: http://birdsontheblog.co.uk/what-seth-and-ron-taught-me-about-streaking/

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