Episode 305 – Things that authors learn (around the campfire)

Anyone can have an idea for a book. Writing, publishing and marketing it? That means becoming an author, and that involves a whole lot of learning.

In this week’s podcast I chat around the virtual campfire to seven members of the Extraordinary Business Book Club – some have just begun their first book, others have written several – about what they’ve learned so far in their journey as authors.

Practical, thought-provoking and often very funny, these dispatches from the front line are essential reading for anyone considering writing a business book.

With huge thanks to:

  • Felicity Dwyer
  • Catherine Stothart
  • Krista Powell Edwards
  • Alice Sheldon
  • Joy Burnford
  • Debra Mashek
  • Penny Pullan.



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The 10-day Business Book Proposal Challenge April 2022: https://alisonjones.leadpages.co/proposal-challenge/

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