Episode 340 – The joy of constraints

We don’t live in a perfect world. If you’re hoping to write a business book, I bet there’s something that’s getting in your way. Not enough time, lack of focus, morning sickness, a global pandemic… 

We can’t get rid of these constraints, but we CAN get smarter about them, and maybe even turn them into superpowers. 

Get inspiration from: 

  • Kate Nash on working with rather than against physical disability; 
  • Jenna Tiffany on the impact of the pandemic; 
  • Lucy Cohen on using whatever way of writing works for you; 
  • Jodie Cook on using time constraints for productivity and wellbeing; 
  • Em Stroud on using time constraints for playfulness and creativity; 
  • Bruce Daisley on the magic of TikTok for explaining complex ideas in just a few seconds; 
  • Felicity Dwyer on creating deadlines and accountability to get things done; 
  • Kara Tan Bhala on translating rigour into readability; 
  • Ian MacRae on using the book proposal document to create clarity. 


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