Episode 360 – Leaning in

leaning inIn a world where so many opt to lean back – to disengage, scroll the feed, consume and comment rather than create, plug into the playlist rather than connect, here’s a rousing call to lean in to the work that matters. As a colleague, a leader, a writer and a reader, what does it mean to lean in, and how do we keep ourselves from leaning in so far that we end up falling over?

Hear from: 

  • Professor Lucy Easthope on leaning in to disaster and difficult feelings
  • Dr Deb Mashek on real engagement and connection in relationships
  • Danni Haughan on connection and purpose in podcasting
  • Liam Black on not leaning in so hard that you fall over
  • Catherine Baker on sustainable performance as a leader
  • Sarah Stein Lubrano on writing as a process of engagement with ideas
  • Tim Clark on writing more purposefully 
  • Beth Stallwood on finding the people and the strategies to help you lean in more effectively

An unmissable, unforgettable best bits episode. 


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