Episode 380 – All about the Voice

In a sense writing a business book – any book, really – is quintessentially about finding and using your voice. You’re talking across time and space to a reader for a conversation that lasts for hours; admittedly a bit of a one-sided conversation, but it’s not possible to talk to someone for tens of thousands of words without them having a sense of your voice in their head.

So how can you use that voice most effectively? Here’s some advice from some of the best writers in the business books business… 

  • Anne Janzer on what your writer’s voice is and why it matters
  • Dr Lucy Ryan on writing for your reader
  • Catherine Garrod on the holistic nature of the writer’s voice
  • Nicholas Janni on precision and the craft of rewriting
  • Rachel Lawes on caring, not selling
  • Robin Powell on aligning your interests with your readers’
  • Neil Mullarkey on using humour right (and avoiding the wrong kinds…)
  • Richard Hoare on finding a coherent voice with a co-writer
  • Dennis Sherwood on not getting too hung up about it all too soon. 

Listen in, and discover how to take your voice from meh to aMAZing! 


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