Episode 401 – Pushing through discomfort

Pushing through discomfortFollowing last week’s quadricentennial episode, a slightly belated but still brilliant best bits episode, showcasing the shiniest gems from the last few Extraordinary Business Book Club conversations. 

The theme is pushing through discomfort, and it brings together extraordinary stories, illuminating insights and gloves-down challenges from: 

  • Errol Doebler on emotional regulation and the discipline of writing; 
  • Sir John Tusa on the traits of people who Get Things Done;
  • Bonnie Wan on writing her way out of the darkest moments; 
  • Andy Brown on taking ideas further; 
  • Sara Dalrymple on getting through the discomfort of selling; 
  • Gillian Camm on getting through the discomfort of editing; 
  • Naren Aryal on breaking through the trust barrier; 
  • Sara Lloyd on how publishers, and writers, face up to challenge. 

Includes ice baths, coffee, deep breaths and showing up. 


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