Episode 410 – The ethics of business & writing

internal compass‘That last pillar before you go make your decision: is it ethical? What’s the effect it’s going to have? The feedback I’ve got from a lot of people was, oh, I never really thought about that.’

While ethics has become more talked-about in business, it might not be something you’ve considered as a factor in your business writing. But you should.

In this Best Bits episode, I draw together insights from a wide range of recent guests that show how the moral position you take – in work and life – informs your writing, and the impact that has on both your reader and yourself.

Nothing heavy and duty-bound here, just a joyful, thoughtful exploration of how we can write and work in a way that benefits the world, those around us, and ourselves.

Hear from:

  • Corey Keyes on the opposite of languishing;
  • Alison Taylor on why business ethics matter to all of us;
  • David McQueen on being braver about decision-making;
  • Lucy Adams on why HR is about allowing people to flourish rather than being responsible for them doing so;
  • David Roche on the obligations we have to our leaders;
  • Louise Brogan on taking an ethical, human approach to social media;
  • Meredith Norwich on why publishing is an industry full of principled people.


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