Episode 70 – The Best Bits

70Pure gold from the last 9 episodes of The Extraordinary Business Book Club – insights, ideas and inspiration from some of the world’s leading writers and book people and some who’ve just begun the journey. Hear from:

  • Christian Madsbjerg (Sensemaking) on creativity
  • Roman Krznaric (Carpe Diem) on an innovative way to use your book’s content
  • Bernadette Jiwa (Hunch) on making time
  • Cory Doctorow (author, blogger and activist) on the writing habit
  • John Hall (Influence & Co) on discipline and content strategy
  • Tim Harford (Messy, The Undercover Economist) on how speaking and writing work together
  • Helen Kogan (MD of Kogan Page) on what publishers are looking for
  • Glenda Shawley (Founded After Forty) on how her first book changed her, personally and professionally
  • Louise Wiles (Thriving Abroad) on how fear and self-doubt nearly stopped her submitting her winning proposal

It’s an extraordinarily broad and deep compilation from an extraordinary group of people. As you’ve come to expect.


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