Episode 90 – The Best Bits

90Another satisfying helping of the choicest morsels of practical inspiration served up by recent guests. Listen to:

  • Dr Lynda Shaw (business neuroscientist) on what stories do to our brains and why that’s good for business
  • Matt Locke (Storythings and The Story conference) on the craft of storytelling
  • Nigel Wilcockson (Random House Business Books) on what makes a business book great
  • Donya Dickerson (McGraw Hill) on what publishers are looking for in business book proposals
  • David Newman (Do It! Marketing) with a Jedi mind trick for getting your own way with your publisher
  • Dorie Clark (Entrepreneurial You) on making money because of your book rather than from it
  • Carole Wyer (blogger and author) on the importance of trying new stuff
  • Dan Underwood (Art of Enterprise) on taking risks
  • Rebecca Jones (Enterprise Within) on Just Getting On With It.

Warning: this show is unsuitable for anyone wishing to remain within their zone of comfort.


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