Episode 93 – Christmas Special 2017

Have an Extraordinary Christmas!Pour a glass of sherry, munch on a mince pie, and put your feet up with a few of my absolute favourite moments EVER from the Extraordinary Business Book Club.

  • On happiness – Andy Cope’s epiphany in the queue in Tesco’s on Christmas Eve.
  • On messiness – Tim Harford explains why we’re at our most creative, potentially at least, when things go wrong.
  • On deadlines and procrastination – when you hear what Natalie Reynolds did three weeks before her deadline, I guarantee you’ll feel better wherever you are with your manuscript.
  • On metaphors and why it’s ok that we can never really nail it – listening to Michael Neill is like drinking melted chocolate. The fact that this is so useful and inspiring is almost incidental.

I hope you enjoy this (not-very) seasonal selection box as much as I did. And whatever you’re doing and whoever you’re doing it with, have a very happy Christmas Day.

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