Episode 94 – New Year, New Writing Habits

Happy New YearWelcome to 2018 – what are you planning to do with it?

If the answer – in part at least – is ‘some worthwhile writing’, this episode is for you. I’ve pulled together some of the best thinking and most practical advice from past podcast guests, and sprinkled in more tips from members of the Extraordinary Business Book Club.

Let’s make 2018 the year you stop with the procrastination and overwhelm and false starts. Let’s make it the year you put in place your new writing habit, the year of making a difference.

  • Grace Marshall, author of How to be Really Productive, on overcoming procrastination and shifting into ‘deep dive’ mode
  • Tony Crabbe, author of Busy, on overcoming fear and finding your garden shed
  • Bec Evans of Prolifiko on overcoming inertia and putting in place the right rewards for you
  • Plus SO many more practical and inspiring tips from members of The Extraordinary Business Book Club.

Let’s make 2018 count – every word of it.

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