Episode 251 – Project Future with Rob Kerr

Episode 251 - Project Future with Rob Kerr

As a project manager, Rob Kerr was accustomed to evaluating options and allocating scarce resources for maximum impact. The magic happened, however, when he started taking those tools out of the office and applying them to life: ‘We were making better decisions as a family. We were being a bit…

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Episode 132 – Design Your Life with Ayse Birsel

‘When you’re being creative, all you’re trying to do is see the same things differently, and from that, see if you can drive new ideas, solutions and new value.’ Ayse Birsel, multi-award-winning designer, decided to try an experiment. She tried to catch herself being creative and reverse engineer exactly what…

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Episode 14 – The Lean Entrepreneur with Brant Cooper

In this episode I speak to Brant Cooper, author of The Lean Entrepreneur – which was a crowd-funded book – and founder of Moves the Needle, about treating your book as a startup. Brant has some awesome practical examples and advice for business writers on identifying market segments and needs, building…

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