Episode 249 – Powered by Purpose with Sarah Rozenthuler

Episode 249 - Powered by Purpose with Sarah Rozenthuler

‘The writing process took about four years and the actual material gathering for the book probably took more like 15 years…’ Sarah Rozenthuler, psychologist, leadership consultant and pioneer of purpose-led leadership, has been working for many years now with individuals, teams, and organizations. In this week’s conversation we discuss how…

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Episode 248 – Reflective practice with Gillie Bolton

“As writers, what we need to do is find an occasion when that usher is off duty and we can get up there and nip behind the curtain.” Gillie Bolton essentially founded the discipline of reflective practice, having discovered for herself that writing allowed her to go behind the curtain…

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Episode 192 – Why are we Yelling? with Buster Benson

Episode 192 - Why Are We Yelling? with Buster Benson

“Half of the reason I decided to do this book was to learn… what does it take to write a book? Not only the process that you go through but what is the personal journey I am going to have to go through to become the person that can write…

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