Episode 233 – Loving your imposter with Rita Clifton

Episode 233 - Loving your imposter with Rita Clifton

Imposter syndrome gets a bad rap, but it can be rocket fuel, says brand guru Rita Clifton. ‘It’s a drive, you know, go with it and use it…. you worry that you’re not going to be good enough, and you stretch yourself. That’s when you grow most.’ As well as…

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Episode 230 – The Best Bits: The Writing Journey

Yes it’s a cliché that writing is a journey, but that’s because it’s TRUE. In this week’s Best Bits episode I look back over the last few conversations in The Extraordinary Business Book Club and highlight the ways in which my guests have been shaped and changed, and moved forwards…

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Episode 225 – Leader with Katy Granville-Chapman and Emmie Bidston

“Leaders… really can bring a lot of joy into people’s lives. They can uplift them, they can inspire them, they can help them connect to their purpose, they can support them, they can provide them compassion. That’s what we really care about, and the more leaders who choose to do…

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Episode 216 – Step Up Step Back with Elsbeth Johnson

‘In leadership communication, and indeed in the process of writing a business book, the more and better the quality and time spent on the thinking, the less time and the more effective the actual production of the communication or the book.’ Dr Elsbeth Johnson certainly put the time into creating…

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Episode 209 – Resilience and writing with Jenny Campbell

What does it mean to be resilient, and how can we become more resilient more often? That is Jenny Campbell’s life work, and her findings at The Research Engine are revelatory. For one thing, your level of resilience isn’t a fixed personality trait – it’s contextual and dynamic. And in…

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Episode 200 – The Bicentenary Episode

Celebrate with me – The Extraordinary Business Book Club is 200 episodes young! So along with the Best Bits of the last few (absolutely brilliant) conversations, there’s some reflection on what that means, and why it matters. The bicentennial best bits are all about curiosity, experimentation, getting feedback, failing and…

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Episode 193 – People Powered with Jono Bacon

Episode 193 - People Powered with Jono Bacon

‘It’s tempting, especially when you’re a consultant, to not share anything. Because you’re worried that what you do, what you talk to your clients about, is your secret sauce… it took me about a year or so to realise that that’s completely untrue.’ Jono Bacon has written a few books…

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Episode 190 – The Best Bits

Episode 190 - The Best Bits

Writing a business book is a delicate balancing act between being fully yourself and being fully in service of your reader. How do you “do you” to the max, without tipping over into self-indulgence or over-sharing?  In the last few episodes of The Extraordinary Business Book Club we’ve explored this…

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Episode 186 – Talking Business Books with Andrew Hill

Episode 186 - Talking Business Books with Andrew Hill

‘It sometimes feels like I get to see every business book published.’ As managing editor and business book reviewer for the Financial Times, not to mention the coordinator of the annual FT/McKinsey Business Book of the Year award, Andrew Hill reads probably more business books than anyone else on the…

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