Episode 138 – Talking out the book with Elaine Halligan

Episode 138 - Talking out the book with Elaine Halligan

Elaine Halligan has an extraordinary story. Her journey to becoming one of the world’s leading parenting experts began with her own son’s difficulties at school and her determination to do whatever it took to allow the amazing potential she saw in him to flourish. But when it came to writing…

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Episode 135 – Be More Pirate with Sam Conniff Allende

‘You’ve got to ask yourself what is more important. Is it selling books, or starting a movement?’ Sam Conniff Allende is in the business of movement-making. A young entrepreneur himself, he’s since inspired a generation of young entrepreneurs and hustlers, and when he decided it was time to write a…

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Episode 128 – Writing and speaking with Hugh Culver

Episode 128 - Writing and speaking with Hugh Culver

Hugh Culver has done a lot of stuff in his life – from leading adventure holidays in the Antarctic to giving keynote speeches to companies and conferences all over the world. For him, writing his book Give Me a Break was an opportunity to reenergise and deepen his thinking, to…

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Episode 126 – Writing backwards with Andrew Davis

‘I’ve finally decided that I really should be writing books backwards.’ Instead of locking himself away in a room to write a book (as he did first time round), or even getting some supporting research in hand beforehand (book 2), top marketer Drew Davis is writing his third book backwards.…

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Episode 124 – Finding your story with Martin Norbury

Episode 124 - Finding your Story with Martin Norbury

Most business book authors aren’t professional writers. Martin Norbury failed his English O-level twice, but he knew that he had a story to tell that mattered. In this week’s conversation he reveals how he went about turning the stuff in his head into a brilliantly readable book – from interviews…

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Episode 116 – Collaborative Advantage with Paul Skinner

Episode 116 - Collaborative Advantage with Paul Skinner

We’ve been stuck on the idea of competitive advantage as the key to strategy for a long time now. Paul Skinner thinks it’s had its day. ‘Where competitive advantage assumes that the way to succeed is by being better than others, I believe the way to succeed is by supporting…

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Episode 110 – The Best Bits!

Episode 110 - The Best Bits!

Another helping of best bits from recent episodes: we’re talking about ‘fast books’ and ‘slow books’, writing with a co-author, and how doodling can help you come sideways at a book. Tune in, sit back, and listen to insights and inspiration from these superb writers: Steve Scott on how he’s…

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Episode 101 – Hiding in the Bathroom with Morra Aarons-Mele

‘I always wanted to write a book… but it was never my time. My husband wrote a book, my father passed away, I have three little kids, I mean, I have a business, you know, life gets in the way… And then finally, one day… I thought: I want to…

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Episode 95 – Content marketing & books with Joe Pulizzi

Episode 95 - Content marketing & books with Joe Pulizzi

Joe Pulizzi is ‘the godfather of content marketing’. Founder of the Content Marketing Institute and author of five books (one every two years), he has a clear vision of how books fit into a content strategy. It all starts, he says, with the platform, and his sane advice will be…

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Episode 92 – Trusted with Lyn Bromley & Donna Whitbrook

The launch of Trusted was a very special occasion. When one of my authors has a book launch it’s ALWAYS a special occasion, of course, but this one was exceptional for a number of reasons: It was two authors, not one, both of whom had written every word of the…

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