Episode 376 – Do Deal with Richard Hoare

Episode 376 - Do Deal with Richard Hoare

“When we’re talking about Do Deal, we’re really talking about the verb of how you deal with people… as an ongoing kind of living thing.” Richard Hoare didn’t set out to become an expert on negotiation. In fact his first attempt at negotiation, when he was offered a poorly paid…

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Episode 239 – The Long Win with Cath Bishop

Cath Bishop has performed at the highest standard in three very different fields: sport, international negotiation, and business coaching. An Olympic medallist and world champion herself, she has seen first hand the intense highs and lows of competition – how it serves us as humans, and how it doesn’t. We…

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EBBC Episode 6 – Writing on the edge with Natalie Reynolds

The Extraordinary Business Book Club - Episode 6

Natalie Reynolds, CEO of Advantage Spring and author of We Have a Deal, reveals the astonishing story behind the writing of her book (don’t try this at home), the insecurities she overcame, what she learned about herself, how to know when it’s time to write your own book, and why…

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