Episode 354 – The Valentine’s Special

Episode 354 - The Valentine's Special

This is a podcast about business and business books. You might think this is unpromising territory for talk of love: but you’d be wrong.  No hearts and flowers here, but real, thoughtful, passionate insights into what it means to be in relationship with those we work alongside, how we express…

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Episode 350 – What Matters

Episode 350 - What Matters

It’s easy to get caught up in the fluff – in work and life. Whether it’s focusing on the font family rather than the purpose behind the brand, the endless social media scroll rather than the deep thinking we know we’d rather be doing, or the drive to answer just…

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Episode 244 – Purpose Ignited with Dr Alise Cortez

Episode 244 - Purpose Ignited with Dr Alise Cortez

So many people [are] skimming the surface of what they can be and do in the world. And I was too. So often in life and at work it can feel as if we’re surrounded by people who are disengaged and disconnected, half asleep and half alive. Sometimes, if we’re…

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