Episode 332 – Dark Social with Ian MacRae

The internet is a funny old place. Most of us can’t live (or certainly work) without it, and our online relationships and conversations are just as real and valuable as those we have offline. But we’re complex beings with lots going on under the surface, and the internet is no…

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Episode 166 – Defining You with Fiona Murden

Episode 166 - Defining You with Fiona Murden

Self-development books are big business – but is it just navel-gazing on the hand or esoteric theory on the other?  ‘At the end of the day people want something that’s pragmatic, and they can actually do something with.’ Fiona Murden has been working with the world’s most senior leaders for…

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Episode 129 – Happy Money with Elizabeth Dunn

Episode 129 - Happy Money with Elizabeth Dunn

Money can’t buy you happiness – unless you’re smart about it. Dr Elizabeth Dunn reveals the surprising ways in which money CAN make us happier, and also why it so often fails to do so. Along the way we discuss the importance of getting rid of the long words, even…

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Episode 102 – Pre-suasion with Robert Cialdini

Episode 102 - Pre-suasion with Robert Cialdini

We like to think of ourselves as rational beings. But over the last 30 years or so behavioural science and psychological research has conclusively proved otherwise: the bit of our brain that makes decisions does so mostly on the basis of stimuli and associations, and pretty much all the meaningful…

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Episode 58 – How to Have a Good Day with Caroline Webb

Episode 58 - How to Have a Good Day with Caroline Webb

Caroline Webb writes about the everyday, the little things that make a big difference to how we feel: being interrupted, boring meetings, feeling stressed, late-night emails, giving directions to someone who’s lost. So on one level, How to Have a Good Day is an everyday book. What makes it remarkable is…

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Episode 44 – Using stories with Martin Goodyer

‘Anyone can read those things, whether they’ve met me or whether they haven’t and go, “Yeah, that’s about me,” because the stories are relevant to so many people.’ Coaching psychologist Martin Goodyer has a very simple idea he wants to get across to as many people as possible: we can…

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Episode 33 – The Footbath of Academia with Andy Cope

You know those business book authors who tell you, ‘Dip in and out, read this book any way you choose’? Andy Cope, founder of Art of Brilliance and author of The Little Book of Emotional Intelligence, is not one of them. “I specifically set this book out so it starts…

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Episode 24 – Communicating Complex Ideas with Tony Crabbe

As a psychologist, Tony Crabbe was fascinated by our habitual response to the question, ‘How are you?’ ‘Busy.‘ Every conversation and every observation of human behaviour seemed to point to a constant sense of overwhelm, and he saw it in his own life too. ‘I had this growing gnawing sense that…

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