EBBC episode 1 – Introducing the EBBC and an interview with Misfit to Maven author Ebonie Allard

In this first episode of the Extraordinary Business Book Club podcast I introduce myself and the EBBC and explain what’s so extraordinary about it: it’s about extraordinary business books, of course, but it’s also an extraordinary book club because it’s designed for writers as well as readers of business books, it focuses on the process of writing and publishing just as much as the content of the books themselves, and includes insights from authors and a wide range of business and publishing professionals on how the book can work for the business in the information age.

If you’re writing your own business book you’re particularly welcome – join me as I start on my own very public book journey, getting advice and tips and giving you feedback on the tools and techniques I’ve been trying out week by week. I’d love to hear how you’re getting on too!

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