Episode 130 – The Best Bits!

Episode 130 - The Best Bits!A hand-picked selection of treasures from the last few Extraordinary Business Book Club episodes, with the focus on other people – how can they help you write a better book, faster, what impact will your book have on them, and how can you make them care enough to read it in the first place?

  • Molly Beck on reaching out, and why writing a book makes it so much easier
  • Michelle Carvill on how listening to others’ questions can help you find your writing groove
  • Drew Davis on writing a book backwards
  • Hugh Culver on how stories create movies in the mind
  • Tom Schuller on finding other people’s stories
  • Jude Jennison on using a podcast for research and network building
  • Elizabeth Dunn on collaborating without tears
  • Sarah Windrum on how her book changed how others saw her
  • Martin Norbury on what happens to your business when people read your book and ‘get it’

Photo credit: George Aitchison (www.bushcraftdays.com), used with permission


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