Episode 199 – New Year Special: Goal Setting

goal settingNo matter how many you’ve seen (and I’ve seen quite a few now), there’s still something a bit special about a new year: however 2019 panned out for you, 2020 is a blank canvas waiting for you to create something that matters. But how do you translate your big goals and aspirations for the year into the day-to-day actions that will turn them into reality?

In this episode I share my personal goal-setting strategy, which I’ve refined over the last few years and which I use with my clients too to get clarity, balance competing priorities, ensure accountability, and make time for the important tasks amidst the daily clamour of the urgent ones.

Your goals are a reflection of who you are and the dent you want to make in the universe: if you don't put in place a system to make them happen, you're cheating both yourself and the universe. Click To Tweet


The 90-day plan template

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