Episode 220 – The Best Bits: Whole Self Writing

One of the great privileges of hosting this podcast is the way that so many extraordinary business book authors are willing to share the vulnerable stuff – especially the fear and uncertainty around writing – with me, I hope you find it helpful too.

In this week’s episode, I look back over the last few weeks and draw together examples of authors demonstrating ‘whole self’ writing: bringing their flaws, anxieties, strengths, superpowers, and unique ways of Getting Stuff Done to the work of writing a book. When you bring your whole self to the job, you write the book that only you can write, and the one that will most profoundly change your life.

In this week’s Best Bits episode:

  • Chris Wilson on transforming the harshest of backgrounds and the bleakest of situations through the power of reading and writing;
  • Bryony Thomas on the unflinching reality of just how hard this writing lark is;
  • Patrick Dunne on turning dyslexia into a non-linear superpower;
  • Elsbeth Johnson on the crisis of confidence for an author without a social media platform;
  • Julia Hobsbawm on how even professional writers can worry about tackling a book;
  • Lucinda Carney on the struggle to find your distinctive voice;
  • Greg Orme on being comfortable with the messiness of writing;
  • David Mansfield on living by curiosity and collecting stories;
  • Anne Taylor on writing the book you most need yourself.

It’s an exploration of the whole journey of writing, from idea through mess and uncertainty into clarity, and it’s a whole-self process.


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