Episode 230 – The Best Bits: The Writing Journey

Yes it’s a cliché that writing is a journey, but that’s because it’s TRUE. In this week’s Best Bits episode I look back over the last few conversations in The Extraordinary Business Book Club and highlight the ways in which my guests have been shaped and changed, and moved forwards in their lives, by the experience of writing their books. Do you recognise any of these?

  • Tom Cheesewright on how working with an editor turned his whole message on its head
  • Rob Law on how an editor spotted the pivotal moment that made sense of his story
  • Katy Granville-Chapman and Emmie Bidston on the importance of psychological safety and the value of supportive criticism
  • Richard Fox on making connections through writing
  • Gemma Milne on the transcendent joy of research and the dull slog of actual writing
  • Marianne Page on trying out new ways to write and the importance of deadlines
  • Tony Crabbe on what you discover about yourself when you write a book in 16 days
  • Rachel Bridge on what happens when the book spills off the page and into your life
  • Sasha Frieze on the speaking journey – how authors can pitch to event organisers.


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