Episode 319 – TEDx Tips with Catherine Sandland et al

Catherine Sandland‘If you’ve got something that’s important, meaningful to you, that needs to be heard, why not say it on one of the biggest platforms?’

Have you thoughts about giving a TEDx talk? If so, you’ve probably got lots of questions. How do you apply, for a start? How do you put together a TEDx-worthy talk? How on earth are you supposed to do it without an autocue? And perhaps most fundamentally of all, given the huge amount of time and energy involved: why do it in the first place? 

In this episode I draw on the wisdom and experience of a wide range of TEDx speakers and particularly Catherine Sandland, the fabulous speaking coach at TEDxNorthwich, to answer all these questions and more. 

The red dot is waiting… this is where you begin your journey. 


TEDxNorthwich applications: https://tedxnorthwich.com/application/speaker-application 

Alison’s TEDx takeaways LinkedIn post: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/my-tedx-takeaways-alison-jones/

Alison on Twitter: https://twitter.com/bookstothesky

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