Episode 330 – Writing energy

lightbulbHow do you generate, manage and sustain the energy that’s needed to write a business book? Physically, mentally, socially and even spiritually, there are many aspects to this question. 

Luckily there are many great writing and business brains on hand to answer it. Learn from the best: 

Simon Alexander Ong on the different types of energy and how they work together to create flow; 

Rob Wozny on how the spiritual energy of purpose can power writing; 

Sam Dogen on why writing is like exercise, and the interplay of mental and social energy; 

Mark Hayes on drawing energy from others and particularly the power of the podcast; 

Bernard Marr on the flywheel effect of the conversations you have at work and the conversation you have on the page; 

Katy Murray on breaking down big creative projects and generating the ‘starting energy’ you need to tackle them; 

Felicity Cowie on the importance of being fired up, and the need to contain that fire; 

Sara Tate on managing the energy-sucking effects on uncertainty and coming out the other side stronger; 

Zena Everett on just getting started, already. 

Whether you’re energized or exhausted as the holidays draw to a close, I guarantee you’ll find something here to light you up. 


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