Episode 350 – What Matters

What MattersIt’s easy to get caught up in the fluff – in work and life. Whether it’s focusing on the font family rather than the purpose behind the brand, the endless social media scroll rather than the deep thinking we know we’d rather be doing, or the drive to answer just one more email rather than stopping to rest, we’re all guilty of losing sight of the really important stuff. 

In this Best Bits episode, I look back over my recent conversations and pick out some insights from these extraordinary thinkers and writers on how we can – and indeed must – focus on what really matters.

With contributions from: 

  • Tessa Misiaszek on branding;
  • Phil Barden on goals;
  • Ollie Henderson on the relationship between work and life;
  • Joy Burnford on writing as a route to deep thinking;
  • Alison Jones (hello) on the passion behind the writing;
  • Bec Evans on finding what works;
  • Rob Orchard on being infatuated with what you’re doing;
  • Mark Leruste on why your story matters; and
  • Sarah Sparks on why YOU matter, and why you need to look after yourself. 

Food for thought, indeed. 


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