Episode 390 – Writing = Business

idea“Business books are unique because they are in that sweet spot between business activity and creative endeavour, that’s why I love them so much, that’s why I do this podcast, that’s why you’re here. It’s a beautiful thing.”

Too often, people see writing a business book as something comletely different from business itself.

It’s not.

In this best bits episode, I draw together the choicest insights of recent Extraordinary Business Book Club guests to demonstrate that writing a business book is in fact a business activity, not simply because it contributes to your business success, but because it draws on your core business strengths. And the skills you develop as you write your book will develop those skills, too. 

You’ll hear from: 

  • John Simmons on individuality in business and writing
  • Ginny Carter on the persuasive power of stories
  • Adrian Hornsby on the 17-mattress problem (or how you stop your stories from dying under their own weight) 
  • Ed Haddon on how telling your own stories can build human connection 
  • Josh Bernoff on why stories beat bald facts every time
  • Catherine Stothart on bringing in workshop experience to increase your writing’s impact
  • Katie Lewis & Matthew Stafford on why having a co-author is like having a co-founder
  • Karen Williams on assembling an expert ‘project team’ for your book
  • Luan Wise on making your marketing smarts the foundation for your book. 

It’s so full of inspiration you’re going to wish you had an extra of ears… 


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