Episode 394 – New Year thinking for business book writers

new year thinking“If you’re thinking about writing a book… that’s a gorgeous, sexy goal, but it’s very unlikely to happen as long as it stays an outcome, a goal, in that form. But if you start to ask yourself, Okay, what’s the process that’s going to lead to that outcome? Then it starts to get real.’

When you tell people you’re a publisher, you discover pretty quickly that a significant proportion of the population wants to write a book some day. And no wonder. Writing a book is one of the most significant, rewarding uses of your time on the planet, it will challenge and stretch you, deepen your thinking and allow you to connect to the top thinkers in your field, and that’s all before the book itself is out there, building your reputation and reach. 

So if you’re determined to achieve that goal this year, how will you go about making it happen? Here are some ideas on first steps that will help you turn that dream – or indeed any other – into reality. Happy new year; let’s make it count. 


The 10-day Business Book Proposal Challenge: http://proposalchallenge.com/

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Write with me! https://alisonjones.com/writing/

Kickstart Your Writing workshop, 24 January: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/kickstart-your-writing-workshop-tickets-666359076937

Write it Wild, 19-22 April: https://alisonjones.lpages.co/write-it-wild/

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  1. Very informative and it has inspired me to use the “Every Day Magic” prompt while I continue to work on specific areas that cover business books/theories etc on my next book. I came across a lot of them in my 40 year career with Lloyds Banking Group! Thank you Alison.

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