Episode 405 – The insider’s guide to London Book Fair

View of London Book FairI’m just back from an exhausting, exhilarating few days at London Book Fair. My ears are still ringing slightly, my feet hurt, I need to spend a few days on my own in a darkened room and I can’t even tell you how many follow-up actions are on my to-do list – in other words, it was a great Fair.

But what does that mean? As publishers, we at Practical Inspiration Publishing are all about selling books, but we don’t actually sell our books at book fairs: so what DO we do? Here’s an insider’s guide to what actually goes on at London Book Fair for book trade professionals and for authors and illustrators, and what you can expect (and what you can’t) if you decide to rock up to Olympia next year.


London Book Fair site: https://www.londonbookfair.co.uk/

Sam Warburton’s LBF sketchnote: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/londonbookfair_lbf24-activity-7150196470783033344-tvV3

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