Episode 60 – The Best Bits

Episode 60It’s time for another collection of The Extraordinary Business Book Club’s Best Bits! Sit back and listen to half an hour of jaw-droppingly practical and powerful tips from the top writers and publishers featured in episodes 51-59, with some fascinating differences of opinion and approach:

  • Mark Levy (Accidental Genius) on organising your ideas
  • Lucy McCarraher (How to Write Your Book Without the Fuss) on the importance of structuring before you start
  • Lisa Earle McLeod (Selling with Noble Purpose) on forgetting all about structure and just starting
  • Ross Lovelock (ScQUARE) on writing for the reader
  • Alan Weiss (Million Dollar Consulting) on writing for yourself
  • Caroline Webb (How to Have a Good Day) on her writing playlist
  • Melissa Romo (Head of Global Content, Sage) on creating a writing ritual (and specifically how her frog helps…)
  • Adrian Zackheim (Portfolio Penguin) on how publishers evaluate an author’s proposal
  • Louis Rosenfeld (Rosenfeld Media) on why publishing is about so much more than the book

I guarantee there’s something here that will inspire you, restore your writing mojo, get you unstuck, or at the very least make you feel like you’re not in this alone.


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