Episode 268 – Effortless with Greg McKeown

‘One of the first principles to make progress in writing is to have the courage to be rubbish because all writing, literally absolutely all of it, starts rubbish.’ If his first book, Essentialism, was about prioritization, Greg McKeown’s second book, Effortless, is about simplification. And this is no theoretical treatise:…

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Episode 267 – The Family Business with Keel Hunt

In our fascination with tech start-ups and big corporates, we might be tempted to overlook the family business. Keel Hunt describes Ingram as ‘the quiet company’ – 50 years young, still family owned, and still quietly partnering with all the other players in the book supply chain to innovate and…

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Episode 266 – Ahead of her time with Judy Piatkus

Episode 266 - Ahead of her time with Judy Piatkus

‘I think we’re going to have another watershed moment… there’s going to be business pre-pandemic and business post-pandemic. And I wonder how many business books are going to feel out of date.’ As a woman founder in publishing, Judy Piatkus is one of my heroes. Working from home long before…

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Episode 264 – Toxic with Clive Lewis

Episode 264 - Toxic with Clive Lewis

‘The hardest part is getting started, getting that first paragraph on the page. And once I’ve been able to do that, generally for me, my writing then flows from that.’ Clive Lewis has written 17 books, so he’s learned a bit about organizing and communicating his ideas. He writes about…

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Episode 262 – No Filter with Sarah Frier

Instagram has had a massive impacting in shaping our culture over the last decade – it’s redefined our measures of success and celebrity. It’s easy now to see it as somehow inevitable, but in No Filter, winner of the FT/McKinsey Business Book of the Year 2020, Sarah Frier uncovers the…

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Episode 260 – The Best Bits: Finding courage

Episode 260 - The Best Bits: Finding courage

Writing a business book is a particularly visible form of leadership – how do you find the courage for that? In this week’s look back through my most recent Extraordinary Business Book Club conversations, I uncover the principles, tactics and Jedi mind tricks that enabled these authors to find the…

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Episode 259 – Just doing it with Drew Ellis

Episode 259 - Just doing it with Drew Ellis

‘If you can just get over the fear of failure and treat failure as a learning process, then… you’re going to go on to do some great stuff.’ From designing the iconic ‘Choose Life’ t-shirts of the 1980s to launching one of the first lockdown festivals of 2020, Drew Ellis…

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Episode 253 – Nine Types of Leader with James Ashton

Having interviewed hundreds of CEOs as a journalist, James Ashton started to notice some patterns. He got curious. In this fast-changing world, where leadership is more challenging than ever, what kinds of leaders have emerged and how do they respond to those challenges? A fascinating conversation about leadership itself, but also…

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Episode 250 – The Best Bits: Questions & answers

Episode 250 - The Best Bits: Questions & answers

We often say that something raises more questions than answers as if that’s a bad thing – but perhaps it’s a more dangerous state of affairs when we have more answers than questions.  Many of the recent conversations in the Club have focused on the power of writing to identify…

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Episode 249 – Powered by Purpose with Sarah Rozenthuler

Episode 249 - Powered by Purpose with Sarah Rozenthuler

‘The writing process took about four years and the actual material gathering for the book probably took more like 15 years…’ Sarah Rozenthuler, psychologist, leadership consultant and pioneer of purpose-led leadership, has been working for many years now with individuals, teams, and organizations. In this week’s conversation we discuss how…

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