Episode 195 – Practical Inspiration Author Day takeaways

Episode 195 - Practical Inspiration Author Day takeaways

This week saw the first ever Practical Inspiration author day. More than 40 authors at every stage of the journey – from just signed up to three years post-publication – to share stories and tips and to support each other.  There were workshops on overcoming procrastination and marketing your book,…

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Episode 193 – People Powered with Jono Bacon

Episode 193 - People Powered with Jono Bacon

‘It’s tempting, especially when you’re a consultant, to not share anything. Because you’re worried that what you do, what you talk to your clients about, is your secret sauce… it took me about a year or so to realise that that’s completely untrue.’ Jono Bacon has written a few books…

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Episode 43 – Book and Platform with Kelly Pietrangeli

Episode 43 - Platform and book with Kelly Pietrangeli

Back in 2012, Kelly Pietrangeli and her friends had a brilliant idea for a book. Project Me was all about helping busy mothers balance their lives with more effective time management, productivity skills and goal-setting, using tools techniques they’d developed for their own lives. They began to write, but then: ‘It…

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Episode 16 – Watertight Marketing with Bryony Thomas

Bryony Thomas knew exactly what she was doing when she wrote her bestselling book Watertight Marketing: ‘Lots of people write a book and then go, “Now what?” I thought, “What do I want to be? Ah, a book’s a good way of getting there.”‘ What she hadn’t expected was the…

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