Episode 283 – Exponential with Azeem Azhar

Episode 283 - Exponential with Azeem Azhar

Humans don’t easily ‘get’ exponential growth – we’ve evolved in a linear world, and the pace of change we’re facing now can leave us wrong-footed and disoriented. But Azeem Azhar argues that we need to get to grips with it, and fast, if we’re to thrive in the modern world.…

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Episode 278 – Boring2Brave with Mark Choueke

‘Be a bit braver with what you define to be a business book, you don’t need to follow a template.’ Why is B2B marketing typically so dull? Whereas consumer marketing is focused on creativity, engagement and originality, B2B marketing all too often consists of a features list. Mark Choueke is…

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Episode 265 – Struggling with Grace Marshall

Episode 265 - Struggling with Grace Marshall

‘Productivity isn’t just about efficiency.’ As a Productivity Ninja, Grace Marshall was used to helping people who were struggling – with overloaded inboxes, poor time management, any number of everyday productivity pits. But she noticed that in many cases there was a different kind of struggle going on, one that…

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Episode 248 – Reflective practice with Gillie Bolton

“As writers, what we need to do is find an occasion when that usher is off duty and we can get up there and nip behind the curtain.” Gillie Bolton essentially founded the discipline of reflective practice, having discovered for herself that writing allowed her to go behind the curtain…

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Episode 247 – Speaking to the future

Episode 247 - Speaking to the future

‘It is good to speak to the future, the future will listen.’ Those were the words of Ptahhotep, an ancient Egyptian vizier, who lived back in the 25th century BC. He was right – more right than he probably imagined in his wildest dreams: because he wrote those words down…

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Episode 241 – Infinite Leadership with Dr Pippa Malmgren

Episode 241 - Infinite Leadership with Dr Pippa Malmgren

‘If you are in a position of real power and authority, it’s the dialogue with yourself that defines your capacity to run an organization.’ Dr Pippa Malmgren – economist, entrepreneur, innovator and advisor -returns to the podcast on the publication of The Infinite Leader to talk about how leadership is…

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Episode 237 – People Stuff with Zoë Routh

Some days it feels like an emotional connection with the people who need to hear it. And those are good article days… it’s a great pleasure when people write back saying, Oh, that just hit the mark for me today. That was exactly what I needed to hear. Did you…

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Episode 234 – Being Less Zombie with Elvin Turner

Episode 234 - Being Less Zombie with Elvin Turner

“Being open to the journey of innovation of your own book is really important…” Someone told Elvin Turner as he prepared to write his first book to expect two things: first, that he would have a ton of new ideas, and second, that as he forced those ideas onto the…

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Episode 231 – The Writer’s Process with Anne Janzer

Episode 231 - The Writer's Process with Anne Janzer

‘Writing is a way of doing something physically while thinking deeply, it’s a container for deep thought in your life. If you think about it that way, it’s a really wonderful thing to make time for in your life.’ Anne Janzer’s mission is to ‘help people spread important ideas by…

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