Episode 240 – The Best Bits: The Writing Lab

Episode 240 - The Best Bits: The Writing Lab

In some ways every week on the Extraordinary Business Book Club we’re talking about the results of a book-writing experiment – and many books are themselves the results of fascinating experiments in business and life. In this Best Bits episode we don our white coats and safety glasses and head…

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Episode 239 – The Long Win with Cath Bishop

Cath Bishop has performed at the highest standard in three very different fields: sport, international negotiation, and business coaching. An Olympic medallist and world champion herself, she has seen first hand the intense highs and lows of competition – how it serves us as humans, and how it doesn’t. We…

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Episode 238 – Attention! with Rob Hatch

“We are bombarded every single day by buzzes and dings and notifications… I wanted to help people find some simple ways to reclaim the power of their decisions instead of reacting all the time, to take a breath or to set up some simple rules and systems that they could…

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Episode 236 – Unpacking stories with Shuhrat Ashurov

Episode 236 - Unpacking stories with Shuhrat Ashurov

  The best business books include powerful stories that get across key points in a memorable, engaging way. What if we could make those stories accessible to more people, more easily? That’s the vision that prompted Shuhrat Ashurov to create Storypack, a microlearning app that gives people in business access…

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Episode 234 – Being Less Zombie with Elvin Turner

Episode 234 - Being Less Zombie with Elvin Turner

“Being open to the journey of innovation of your own book is really important…” Someone told Elvin Turner as he prepared to write his first book to expect two things: first, that he would have a ton of new ideas, and second, that as he forced those ideas onto the…

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Episode 231 – The Writer’s Process with Anne Janzer

Episode 231 - The Writer's Process with Anne Janzer

‘Writing is a way of doing something physically while thinking deeply, it’s a container for deep thought in your life. If you think about it that way, it’s a really wonderful thing to make time for in your life.’ Anne Janzer’s mission is to ‘help people spread important ideas by…

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Episode 230 – The Best Bits: The Writing Journey

Yes it’s a cliché that writing is a journey, but that’s because it’s TRUE. In this week’s Best Bits episode I look back over the last few conversations in The Extraordinary Business Book Club and highlight the ways in which my guests have been shaped and changed, and moved forwards…

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Episode 223 – Smoke and Mirrors with Gemma Milne

Episode 223 - Smoke and Mirrors with Gemma Milne

‘Writing the book was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life… There’s no quick fix. Everybody finds it hard. What differentiates people who have written books from those that haven’t is the ones who wrote the books dealt with the fact that it was really hard.’…

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Episode 222 – Future-Proofed with Tom Cheesewright

Tom Cheesewright spends his life gazing into the future to help businesses identify and respond to trends and technology, but his advice for writers is rooted in the here and now. A fascinating conversation taking in principles for business survival in a fast-changing world along with super-practical tips for writing…

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