Episode 256 – Make Your Own Map with Kathryn Bishop

Episode 256 - Make Your Own Map with Kathryn Bishop

‘By the way, do you have a strategy for you? Because if you don’t, you should.’ That throwaway line in a top-level strategic meeting was a game-changer for Kathryn Bishop. As a high-flying professional and academic, she had an astonishing array of strategic models at her disposal for evaluating options…

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Episode 239 – The Long Win with Cath Bishop

Cath Bishop has performed at the highest standard in three very different fields: sport, international negotiation, and business coaching. An Olympic medallist and world champion herself, she has seen first hand the intense highs and lows of competition – how it serves us as humans, and how it doesn’t. We…

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Episode 238 – Attention! with Rob Hatch

“We are bombarded every single day by buzzes and dings and notifications… I wanted to help people find some simple ways to reclaim the power of their decisions instead of reacting all the time, to take a breath or to set up some simple rules and systems that they could…

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Episode 236 – Unpacking stories with Shuhrat Ashurov

Episode 236 - Unpacking stories with Shuhrat Ashurov

  The best business books include powerful stories that get across key points in a memorable, engaging way. What if we could make those stories accessible to more people, more easily? That’s the vision that prompted Shuhrat Ashurov to create Storypack, a microlearning app that gives people in business access…

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Episode 230 – The Best Bits: The Writing Journey

Yes it’s a cliché that writing is a journey, but that’s because it’s TRUE. In this week’s Best Bits episode I look back over the last few conversations in The Extraordinary Business Book Club and highlight the ways in which my guests have been shaped and changed, and moved forwards…

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