Episode 332 – Dark Social with Ian MacRae

The internet is a funny old place. Most of us can’t live (or certainly work) without it, and our online relationships and conversations are just as real and valuable as those we have offline. But we’re complex beings with lots going on under the surface, and the internet is no…

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Episode 242 – Making the world shut up with Uri Bram

‘With a book you’re not just paying for the pages you read, you’re paying for someone to make the rest of the world shut up for a minute while you can concentrate.’ Uri Bram knows a thing or two about the value of content and attention. He curates the internet,…

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Episode 67 – Copyright and creativity with Cory Doctorow

Cory Doctorow

‘Computers and the networks that we connect to them, they’re the nervous system of the 21st century.’ And yet Cory Doctorow argues passionately that right now, the way we legislate the internet isn’t serving the creators, or even the consumers. If you care more about people seeing and using your content…

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