Episode 409 – First-Time CEO with David Roche

Episode 409 - First-Time CEO with David Roche

‘So they go, “Hang on, I’ve got to look confident… I have to have all the answers,” which is the worst place to come from.’ Becoming a first-time CEO is a lonely experience, and David Roche (who’s got that particular t-shirt himself) believes every new CEO should be assigned a…

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Episode 402 – The BRAVE Leader with David McQueen

Episode 402 - The BRAVE Leader with David McQueen

‘The beautiful part of it, which is also the hardest and the most painful part, is the editing… [if] you put a book out into the world which will be around longer than you, you might as well put in the effort to get it right.’ David McQueen has never…

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Episode 379 – Revolting Women with Lucy Ryan

Episode 379 - Revolting Women with Dr Lucy Ryan

When Lucy Ryan’s research revealed that midlife women were walking out of corporates in droves at the same age that the men around them were stepping into senior leadership positions, she knew it would make a great PhD topic. There was a massive data gap, and a clear benefit to…

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Episode 374 – Leader as Healer with Nicholas Janni

Episode 374 - Leader as Healer with Nicholas Janni

When your work is about experience – helping people access a different physical and emotional state so that they can reconnect with their embodied, instinctual wisdom – you can do it most effectively when you’re in the room together. How can you possibly translate that somatic, relational, experiential work into…

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Episode 369 – The Leap to Leader with Adam Bryant

‘Everything at its core has to be one of those three things: a great insight, a great story, or a great practical approach.’ Adam Bryant, creator of the New York Times‘s Corner Office column, has interviewed a LOT of top leaders, but not in the way they expected. He ask…

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Episode 359 – Gloves off with Liam Black

Episode 359 - Gloves Off with Liam Black

‘You need a higher level of challenge and truth telling if you have set the bar high for yourself and your organization.’ Liam Black has become known as the ‘gloves-off mentor’ for his no-nonsense, straight-talking way of supporting social entrepreneurs and purpose-driven leaders. When the work you do matters so…

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Episode 354 – The Valentine’s Special

Episode 354 - The Valentine's Special

This is a podcast about business and business books. You might think this is unpromising territory for talk of love: but you’d be wrong.  No hearts and flowers here, but real, thoughtful, passionate insights into what it means to be in relationship with those we work alongside, how we express…

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Episode 342 – Don’t Fix Women with Joy Burnford

Episode 342 - Don't Fix Women with Joy Burnford

‘How do I… move from being a curator to a creator? That was a big shift for me, and I think I got there in the end.’ People often talk about the value of the finished book – for the author and for the reader. Less talked-about is the value…

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Episode 337 – Corporate clowning with Em Stroud

Episode 337 - Corporate clowning with Em Stroud

‘Because we are the truth tellers, we say really what’s going on. Because we use humour, we get away with saying stuff that other people can’t… The art of clowning about, really paying attention, serves me in every place that I go.’ I’m willing to bet you’ve never met a…

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Episode 330 – Writing energy

Episode 330 - Writing energy

How do you generate, manage and sustain the energy that’s needed to write a business book? Physically, mentally, socially and even spiritually, there are many aspects to this question.  Luckily there are many great writing and business brains on hand to answer it. Learn from the best:  Simon Alexander Ong…

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