Episode 369 – The Leap to Leader with Adam Bryant

‘Everything at its core has to be one of those three things: a great insight, a great story, or a great practical approach.’ Adam Bryant, creator of the New York Times‘s Corner Office column, has interviewed a LOT of top leaders, but not in the way they expected. He ask…

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Episode 292 – Lunchtime Learning with Lucy Ryan

Episode 292 - Lunchtime Learning with Lucy Ryan

‘I came to writing really late. I was told I couldn’t write… I had no first degree. I came to learning at 40 plus with an idea that I couldn’t write, but I still loved learning. So it’s been a total joy. It’s like, wow, you can do that too,…

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Episode 125 – Getting Social with Michelle Carvill

For many CEOs, ‘doing’ social media is terrifying. Much easier to hire a millennial to do it for you. But in a world in which trust in corporates is at an all-time low, Michelle Carvill argues the best way to address that is to ‘step outside of the boardroom and…

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