Episode 248 – Reflective practice with Gillie Bolton

“As writers, what we need to do is find an occasion when that usher is off duty and we can get up there and nip behind the curtain.” Gillie Bolton essentially founded the discipline of reflective practice, having discovered for herself that writing allowed her to go behind the curtain…

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Episode 245 – Sorting the spaghetti with Dave Coplin

Episode 245 - Sorting the spaghetti with Dave Coplin

When you’re trying to create something, when you’re trying to change something, when you’re trying to think differently about something, writing for me is the way that you unravel the spaghetti… you end up with some really clear, precise thinking that… moves the thing forward. As Chief Envisioning Officer at…

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Episode 239 – The Long Win with Cath Bishop

Cath Bishop has performed at the highest standard in three very different fields: sport, international negotiation, and business coaching. An Olympic medallist and world champion herself, she has seen first hand the intense highs and lows of competition – how it serves us as humans, and how it doesn’t. We…

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