Episode 125 – Getting Social with Michelle Carvill

For many CEOs, ‘doing’ social media is terrifying. Much easier to hire a millennial to do it for you. But in a world in which trust in corporates is at an all-time low, Michelle Carvill argues the best way to address that is to ‘step outside of the boardroom and…

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Episode 124 – Finding your story with Martin Norbury

Episode 124 - Finding your Story with Martin Norbury

Most business book authors aren’t professional writers. Martin Norbury failed his English O-level twice, but he knew that he had a story to tell that mattered. In this week’s conversation he reveals how he went about turning the stuff in his head into a brilliantly readable book – from interviews…

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Episode 123 – Becoming a Superhero with Sarah Windrum

Episode 123 - Becoming a Superhero with Sarah Windrum

What’s your mission statement? We can get caught up in business – and indeed in business writing – in showcasing ourselves. We airbrush the version of ourselves that we present to others. And in doing so we unwittingly lose the emotional connection, vulnerability and authenticity that actually give us the…

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Episode 119 – Writing to change the world with Euan Semple

Episode 119 - Writing to change the world with Euan Semple

Think that what you say on the internet has no impact? Euan Semple says think again. ‘An avalanche only ever happens because the last snowflake falls. If it doesn’t, an avalanche doesn’t happen. Each of our conversations could be a last snowflake.’ Despite the fact that he’s been blogging for…

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Episode 117 – Creativity and collaboration with Roger Mavity

Episode 117 - Creativity and collaboration with Roger Mavity

Former ad man, CEO of both the Granada and Conran Groups and Chairman of Citigate, Roger Mavity is also a renowned author, artist and photographer. In this conversation we explore the twin struggles of creativity and specifically of writing: the private struggle to articulate the idea, and the public struggle…

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Episode 115 – After the Awards with Campbell Macpherson

Episode 115 - After the Awards with Campbell Macpherson

Campbell Macpherson hasn’t really stopped grinning since March, when I handed him the Business Book of the Year trophy at the Business Book Awards ceremony. In this week’s show we talk about the impact of winning such a prestigious award (or even just being shortlisted), and how your book can…

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Episode 112 – Apology-free Writing with Denise Duffield-Thomas

Episode 112 - Apology-free writing with Denise Duffield-Thomas

“People feel like, if they haven’t been ‘chosen’, then ‘Who am I to write a book?’… I just think: don’t wait to be chosen. If this is something you want to do, just do it.” Denise Duffield-Thomas, author of Lucky Bitch, helps women overcome their hang-ups about money. In this…

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Episode 110 – The Best Bits!

Episode 110 - The Best Bits!

Another helping of best bits from recent episodes: we’re talking about ‘fast books’ and ‘slow books’, writing with a co-author, and how doodling can help you come sideways at a book. Tune in, sit back, and listen to insights and inspiration from these superb writers: Steve Scott on how he’s…

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Episode 109 – Books and business models with Steve Scott

Steve Scott started writing and publishing to build his business, but pretty soon his business became writing and publishing books: he now has more than 70 to his name, all focused on helping internet entrepreneurs succeed. In this week’s podcast this multi-bestselling author reflects on what he’s learned about the…

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Episode 106 – The Business Book Awards with Lucy McCarraher

On 16 March 2018, the inaugural Business Book Awards ceremony took place in London. It was an extraordinary occasion, bringing together the top names in books and business in the UK and beyond, and with shortlists including books from the biggest traditional publishers to the smallest independent presses and even…

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